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Men's Water Polo - Big 8 Champions for the First Time in ARC History

The first seeded ARC Beavers entered Conference Tournament with a bye and automatically entered the semi-finals from previous efforts of having an undefeated league record.

The Beavers met up with Delta College on Thursday and handedly beat them 18-10 for their third match up against this team and their third victory over the Mustangs. All ARC players contributed to this victory and continued to show the powerhouse that ARC has become.

This victory placed the men's team in the championship game for the first time in program history against rival college – Sierra Wolverines. The two teams had clashed twice this season, both coming away with a victory, making this championship game a tie-breaker between the two as well.

The day of the game, the pool was packed with ARC and Sierra fans. Both teams were pumped and ready for an intense showdown under the lights.

Michael Burgess puts the first goal up for a Beaver lead and Sierra answers with another goal right away. The two schools had a stalemate lock down for the entirety of the first half. The Beavers were up 3-2 entering the third quarter. Goals from Ian Brady, Michael Burgess, and Jake Bowers helped keep the men floating above, but it wasn't until the nail in the coffin was delivered by Calum Campbell that the Beavers were able to keep control and focus on defense to close out the game 10-6.

The celebration that followed was emotional, exciting, and a good finish to the men's hard work they put in to become the Big 8 Conference Champions.

But they aren't quite done yet. The victory moved the men up to second in NorCals for a two-game expedition on this upcoming Saturday for a chance to earn the NorCal title. The men face off against Merced College at 1:00 pm at West Valley College and if victorious, the Beavers will have their final rematch versus West Valley or a fourth game against Sierra in the NorCal Championship.

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