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ARC Beavers vs. Sierra Wolverines Game Recap

On Wednesday, September 19, ARC Men's Water Polo traveled to Sierra College for their first conference game. Sierra College entered the competition with a record of 3-3, while ARC had a record of 4-3.

Fans from both sides packed the pool deck with lots of positive energy and high intensity. This happens every time the two schools come together in competition.

Ian Brady scored his first goal within the first possession. This ignited a fire that started the game well. The entirety of the first quarter would bounce back and forth with goals from each team. The game kept going at the same intensity. The beavers tied the wolverines going into the second quarter. The second quarter continued a rally from both sides to pull away and AR edged a 1 point lead going into half-time.

In the fourth quarter ARC was up by 1, going into the final minute. There were two possessions left. ARC ran the clock and gave Sierra College 3 seconds to equalize the score. Sierra College did not disappoint and continued the strong battle, taking the game into two quarters of overtime.

ARC scored 2 goals in the first quarter of overtime. Sierra scored 1. Going into the second quarter of overtime, both sides scored 2 goals. ARC played a hard press defense for the wolverines' final possession and came out on top with a score of 16-15.

ARC Men's first conference game puts them at 1-0 for the Big 8 Conference and an overall record of 5-3.