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Soccer Stadium Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Soccer Stadium Ribbon Cutting Ceremony



The American River College Soccer Stadium is one of the most awaited Athletic venues on campus. The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is happening on Friday, October 28 at 4:00 pm, followed by the women's soccer game against Cosumnes River College at 5:00 pm and the men's soccer game against Folsom Lake College at 7:00 pm.

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Both soccer teams are very excited about the opening night. Here are a few players and what they have to say about the new stadium and the season so far:

Ponomar Bogdan

Bogdan Ponomar

Gomez Gamaliel

Gamaliel Gomez

Kirksy Khalil

Khalil Kirksey

What are some of your best experiences on the team this year?

"This season I enjoyed most the moments when the head coach, Paul Hansen, and my teammates got excited about the game. Starting out as a very diverse team of athletes, throughout the season the team has been building chemistry, bonded, and now everyone treats each other like brothers on and off the field."

"I started out as a forward this year and then Coach Hansen tried me as a center back, which turned out to be a good move for team chemistry. The team has been working hard every day and we hope that our hard work will lead us to the play offs."

"Coming back from a four-year, I am glad I ended up here. We have a good team and good individuals. Although we had a rough start as a team, we have been able to build cohesiveness and became brothers. This helps us win matches."


What are you most excited about when you think of the new stadium?

"The stadium will help us feel more organized and professional. Every step we take on the stadium will feel as a new burst of energy and will bring up the team spirit."

"The first game on the field will mean a lot to most of the players; it represents something big. I think the stadium will also be a good bonus for future prospective players. Not a lot of colleges in our area have a good soccer stadium."

"The new stadium is the perfect venue to show off our capabilities. It gives us a certain feeling and the atmosphere appropriate to our skill level. Most of all, I'm excited to score the first goal on the new stadium!"




Schiesari Angelica

Angelica Schiesari

Affonso Riley

Riley Affonso

Rodriguez Nelly

Nelly Rodriguez


What are some of your best experiences on the team this year?

"I learned a lot this year. I have been playing defense, even though I used to be a forward, and I think our defense team works very well together. We fight every time and want the win at every game."

"This season had its ups and downs. We had a lot of changes in positions and some injuries. The league is very different this year, with no one team dominating. This gives us more hope and we are more motivated to win. Paul Arellanes is an amazing coach. He coached me in fitness and strength on the field. He is also always available off the field and helps us through everything."

"This season brought out my confidence. Paul helped me put confidence into my game. I now talk more with my teammates on the field. We always support each other. We learned to trust each other all the way through to each goal."


What are you most excited about when you think of the new stadium?

"The stadium is beautiful. It's beautiful to play on and it was very nice to see it built: from a pile of dirt to this beautiful venue. The stadium makes us feel more of a team and very professional."

"I'm so excited that we will have bleachers for fans to sit. No one wants to bring a lawn chair to a soccer game. I'm excited to walk out as a team, have our names called, and stand for the national anthem. The games will feel a lot more official now.
I want the first day to be big. We are playing against our rivals, CRC, and I hope that we pump each other up and win the game. We've been working for it for a long time.

"The new soccer stadium will hype us up and inspire us to play even better. I'm excited to see the fans in the stands, play under the lights, keep pushing to win, and having a team hug to celebrate our first win at the stadium."