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Who's Got Your Back? - True Story of #BEAVERBALL

Bryce and Lenny

Lenny Nelson and Bryce Crouch joined the ARC Football team in the fall of 2015. At that time, they became known as a dynamic duo. The two best friends always truly had each other's back and were as close as brothers.

After their first season of football in 2015, the duo pursued different paths. Bryce went on to explore the University of Arizona for a semester. Lenny stayed at ARC for the fall 2016 football season. Early in the season, Lenny got hurt and decided to utilize his medical redshirt year. Bryce, over at UofA, did not find this university to be the right fit for him.

Come the spring semester in 2017, the duo reunited at ARC as they continued conditioning with the football team in preparation for the fall 2017 season.

In the Dusty Baker Center, Lenny and Bryce would help each other get through the ups and downs of their athletic and academic lives. From tough practices to tough exams, to deciding where to go for lunch, they always had each other's back.

Fall 2017 came around. Lenny and Bryce were once again playing football together and making their mark in #BEAVERBALL . Lenny had an explosive season and started getting looks by various 4-years. In December, he accepted the offer and signed with the University of North Dakota. Bryce also had big games throughout the season and was a great special teams player.

To no surprise, when it was time for Lenny to move, Bryce went with him. Once at UND, with Lenny's advocacy and Bryce's persistence, Bryce was able to join the UND Football team as a walk-on. Lenny was recording Bryce on Snapchat the moment that Bryce was receiving the call from the head coach, informing Bryce that he may join the team. It was a legendary moment and a true statement of where brotherhood can take you.

When ARC football players who are still at ARC talk about Lenny and Bryce, they say that this is what it means to pull a brother through. This is how it's supposed to happen. We've got to look out for each other and help promote each other in all facets of our lives.

Lenny and Bryce are onto their new adventure at UND. They have made their mark in many ways ranging from ARC #BEAVERBALL to the Dusty Baker Center. We cannot wait to see what new and amazing things Lenny and Bryce are able to accomplish in this new chapter of their lives.